International educational, environmental and socioeconomic project for mothers with children


The first pilot part of the project had been already realized in the period November 2006 – November 2007 in the Peruvian city Pucallpa.

Project IMAGION AMAZONIA can be considered as an effort to apply well-known concept of „learning by play“ in environmental and social education of children in underdeveloped countries worldwide.

For this purpose, the project widely exploits a special multipurpose stage. By easy assembling and reassembling of various, mostly natural and cheap elements, this stage can serve e.g. as a theatrical scene, labyrinth, image gallery, system of drawing areas, innovative playing grounds etc. Such a stage has been already successfuly and thoroughly examined as an ideal space for varied contests and quizes, with a main goal to improve childrens' knowledge about neighbouring nature and environment. Moreover, the same flexible stage can be used for dramatical presentations of local fairy tales and legends. The project works partially as a supplement of a school education, but it is proved also as very entertaining way how to enrich childrens' emotions, relationships, as well as how to reinforce their social coherence.

In the 1st photograph, you can see an entrance of IMAGION AMAZONIA stage (in the form of labyrinth in this case), made mostly of coconut leaves.

Imagion Amazonia

We had devoted the pilot part of the project to the children (and their families) in the Peruvian Amazonia for a quite apparent reason: the natural environment of this region is extremely endangered by a massive deforestation. Children of Amazonia should be clearly aware of this danger and should know better the surrounding nature. In principle, however, the project concept can be applied anywhere in the world – with some emphasis to the tropical regions, which are so highly threatened by the human influence.

Imagion Amazonia

2nd photo - The very opening of IMAGION AMAZONIA stage to the Peruvian Children. The red banner appeals for stopping the devastation of Amazonia. Our project is oriented to the education of children (and their mothers) in sense of sustainable development of both natural and urban environment.

Imagion Amazonia

3rd photo - The shot illustrating one of our educational games. Children are passing through a labyrinth and they are assigning pictures of puppies of Amazonian animals to the pictures of their mothers. This game not only improves childrens' knowledge about local fauna, but it also strengthens the awareness of importance of very basic relationships (mother – child) both in the nature and in the human society.

Imagion Amazonia

4th photo - Peruvian girls playing our games in IMAGION AMAZONIA labyrinth. They are just creating a pair of jaguar kitten with its mother. Games in the labyrinth fulfil the basic demands of child psychologists: they are safe and offer a great freedom and autonomy.

Imagion Amazonia

5th photo - Theatrical scene with stylised elements of Amazonian nature, ready for a performance based on a local mythology.

6th photo - Portraying of an Amazonian fauna together with children

7th photo - A collective work of mothers and children on project

Imagion Amazonia

8th photo - Executive Chief Jiří Kmínek before a meeting with the children's mothers on the project Imagion Amazonia.